About Brent

My name is Brent Riggs. I’m happily married, 8 kids (4 adopted internationally) and I live in a quiet, small Oklahoma town. Professionally, I build high-end websites and online software applications. I’m a graphic designer by long-time occupation (25 years +) and my career path started with and grew along side of computers and the Internet.

I’ve been blogging and writing for well over a decade, and have about three times more books I plan to write than I already have. I pastor a small local church, and love to help people succeed and grow.

That’s enough about me. If you have any questions, I make myself very accessible via email or my “ask Brent” page. Here’s a summary of some of my other stuff… I hope you’ll check it out:

epicsmallheaderEPIC Book – LinkyBlog.com Blogging & Online Business Guide

The Pinnacle of eBooks | The Mount Everest of mBooks – Not an eBook: An EPIC Book

The EPIC Book is over 400 pages packed with information, experience, knowledge, tips, advice, lessons learned, and practical instruction. Not 400 pages of big fonts, wide margins, and huge graphics that eat up a lot space so a big page count can be advertised. The EPIC Book has over 135,000 words, dwarfing typical good eBooks that usually average 20,000 – 30,000 words.

ASPxHyperLink Terrorist To Evangelist
The True Story of Cornelius Kenneth McClintonBorn into abject poverty and lower working-class Belfast, Kenny McClinton became as hard-core as the life he was forced to live. From a violent, drunken father to abusive boys homes, from the Navy to a sadistic prison, from terrorism to salvation… this is Ken’s remarkable and gut wrenching story of how the Lord rescued him from a life not worth living.
ASPxHyperLink SeriousFaith Questions & Answers – Vol. 1
The Guide Full of Christian Common Sense, Biblical No Nonsense & My Spiritual Two CentsThis guide teaches the new Christian there is a serious need today for serious answers to serious questions about the Bible & Christianity.Almost 500 pages of answers and advice!
ASPxHyperLink Essentials of Christianity
The Guide for New Christians or Those Who Just Never Got Around to Learning the BasicsFor the new or uneducated Christian – the fundamentals of the Christian faith. A MUST KNOW collection of knowledge for all Believers.
ASPxHyperLink Internet Pornography The Guide That Teaches You How to Discover and Deal with a Porn ProblemInternet porn is destroying churches, marriages and individual lives. Find out how to discover porn, and then how to help someone deal with it.
ASPxHyperLink Knowing The Will Of God
The Guide That Teaches You How to Confidently Determine God’s Will in Your LifeAn incredibly useful topical guide to Bible Verses; Brent Riggs Bible messages, quotes and more; over 200 pages.
ASPxHyperLink Spiritual Growth – One Tweet At A Time
A book comprised entirely of Twitter submissions that will help you grow spiritually… one tweet at a time
ASPxHyperLink Serious Faith Treasure Reference
A Priceless List of Bible Topics and PromisesAn incredibly useful topical guide to Bible Verses; Brent Riggs Bible messages, quotes and more; over 200 pages.
ASPxHyperLink The Truth About Heaven Guide A Guide That Dispels the Myths & Reveals the Magnificent Truth About Our Eternal DestinationWhat Every Christian Should Know About Their Eternal Home – A Guide That Dispels the Myths & Reveals the Magnificent Truth About Our Eternal Destination (Free eBook version)
ASPxHyperLink Linky Blog Guide – Writing, Designing, Publishing, Marketing, and Automating a World-Class eBook
Self publishing your own multiformatted and multidelivered eBookIn this guide you will learn: Creating Content, Mistakes To Avoid, Design, Format, Layout, Cover, On-Demand Printing, Automating Sales, Product Ad Or Landing Sales Page , Paypal Or Merchant Account, Order Fulfillment, Marketing Your ebook… and lots more
ASPxHyperLink Over 50 Ways You Can Make Money Online
More Than 50 Online Business Ideas Anyone Can DoA reference list of 50+ ways you can make money online; followed with a detailed look at ten of the more popular options.
ASPxHyperLink Your Visual Guide to a Profitable Online Business
A Graphical Overview of Online BusinessSetting up an online business or turning your blog into a business can seem daunting when you are all of a sudden confronted with so many new terms: hosting, e-commerce, marketing, landing pages, subscribers, advertising, pay per click, affiliates, etc. It is pretty easy to go find the definition and some information about any single one of those terms but how they all fit together?
ASPxHyperLink 100+ Of My Best Blogging Tips, Tricks, Lessons Learned, & Advice
Over a decade of experience and advice in one book!In this book, you will find a compilation of my best tips, tricks, lessons learned, and advice about blogging specifically, and indirectly about doing “business on-line.” Each item is explained and discussed.
ASPxHyperLink 33 Brilliant Ideas for Writing Blog Posts
A reference list of the ultimate brainstorming blog topics list.Tips and instruction on how to brainstorm blog post ideas and a list of 33 brilliant blog topics.
ASPxHyperLink Life Without Debt
No Excuse, No Whining, You Aren’t a VictimHow to get out of debt, how to stay out of debt; the truth about the credit industry; how to save money, how to reduce expense; timeless principles about personal finance.
ASPxHyperLink Digital Photography Guide
The Guide They Should Have Included with that Contraption When You Bought ItWhether you’ve got a pocket digital or a DSLR you still haven’t figured out… this is the digital photography guide you’ve been waiting for.